Albrecht Bender GmbH u. Co
Richard-Stücklen-Straße 15
91781 Weißenburg

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Albrecht Bender GmbH u. Co is an internationally active company based in Germany.
It was founded in 1864.
Today, the family-owned business is run by the third generation.

Among our main customers, we count the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and the Police forces of the different German federal states. We exclusively supply public authorities, industrial clients, traders and other businesses, but not clubs and end users.

The export ratio accounting for approximately 60 % emphasizes the international character of our clientele.
The company
The aim of our activity is the long-term safeguarding and further development of our company by means of steady qualitative and quantitative growth: in the interests of our employees, customers and suppliers.
Albrecht Bender GmbH u. Co is a manufacturer of uniform accessories.
We supply high-quality products of steady quality and in line with the market to wholesale and industry businesses.

The know-how we have gained during our long tradition, our materials and their combinations as well as components or finished products are used by the uniform accessories sector all over the world.

This makes us particularly proud. Thanks to our machinery, we are able to produce at a large scale at any time. Since we do order-related work, it is also possible to produce according to our customers’ special requests and in small quantities. Our staff, the backbone of our company, ensures this flexibility.

Another task we have imposed on ourselves is the promotion of junior employees: we consider sound training one of tomorrow’s pillars.