Albrecht Bender GmbH u. Co
Richard-Stücklen-Straße 15
91781 Weißenburg

Tel: +49 (0) 9141/905-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9141/905-60
Using 40 computer-controlled automatic looms with state-of-the-art technology we produce everything for decorating uniforms ranging from simple ribbons to structured laces to high-quality Jacquard badges.

We work with heat sealing weaving looms and also have especially high-class warp satin machines at our disposal.

On 12 Jacquard looms we produce highly delicate designs, even with woven edge.

Furthermore, we are able to manufacture ribbons, laces, webbings and tubes from 2 to 200 mm.

However, traditional looms operated by means of punched cards are still part of our weaving machinery as well.

They are mainly used for producing wire laces, e. g. for the UAE, or elaborate brocade braids as used by Dino Valiano, for instance.

A total of 116 heads are in operation.
Weaving department