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Swiss Army Badges

For many years, the soldiers’ service dresses have been decorated with breast pocket badges of the Swiss Army. Emphasis is put on the person’s membership to a school or competence centre.

Swiss Army stipulated in a Technical Specification the high standards required for manufacturing these distinctions. We implemented the standard and also realized the production of badges which didn’t exist before.

We thank the Suisse Army for their good cooperation.
Breast pocket badges for Swiss Army
3D polymer products

For the different official duties slip-ons are worn by:

- the paramedics

- the rescue unit

- the professional fire brigade

- the military civil protection

For producing these items a polymerisation technique is used.
Thus, very delicate and three-dimensional reliefs in pure white colour can be produced.

The different ranks were realised to appear like stripes of lace as per our customer’s requirements. The basic fabric is high quality black wool cloth.

Thanks for this task.

Swiss Army slip-ons